Bulawayo North Province

Bulawayo North Province takes most suburbs on the northern side of Bulawayo. The Province was the centre of the original Matabeleland North Province running from Plumtree to Victoria Falls. As the work of the Lord progressed the province was demarcated and gave birth to Bulawayo and Matabeleland North Province. The Bulawayo province was later demarcated and gave birth to Bulawayo South and North Province. The province covers areas outside Bulawayo up to Shangani along the Harare road.

We are determined to advance the work of God through the proclamation of the gospel, extending the Kingdom of God by any and every lawful means, according to the Holy scriptures and as led by the Holy Spirit, whilst upholding the highest standard of Christianity, moral behaviour and will of God in our lives.

The province also stretches up to Insuza on the Victoria Falls road. The Province has 31 localised assemblies, 2 centralised assemblies and 4 sub-assemblies.



Rev Jinyika

Provincial Overseer

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