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The province is a fundamental segment of the global ecclesiastical formulation with Christ being the Head in accordance with the stipulations of Holy Scriptures and the

universal influence of the Holy Ghost.

The province covers the Western part of Bulawayo metropolitan city. The province is demarcated by the Nketa drive stretching into the Victoria Falls railway line. The boundary moves through State house via Harrisvale extending into Rural Tsholotsho through Nyamandlovu. The boundary stretches from Tsholotsho up to Solusi through Khami prison and heads back to the Khami road.

The province was established by the National Executive of AFM in July 2016. Two local provinces in Bulawayo Metropolitan city, AFM in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo North Province and Bulawayo South Province were both divided to create Bulawayo West province. The province is constituted of fifteen assemblies, fourteen localized assemblies and one centralized which are under the leadership of Overseer K Kawonde.       

                                    The Provincial Overseer

                               Overseer K. R. Kawonde

Is a pastor of AFM in Zimbabwe. He established a number of assemblies viz: 2000- 2002, Emganwini/ Figtree sub-branch, 2002-2012, Established Cowdray Park Assembly and four more assemblies in the same area, 2013-2016, was Deputy Overseer, Bulawayo North Province and at the same time pastored Mahatshula Assembly.  The Assembly experienced a significant growth numerically and in infrastructure during his time. 2017-2018 established the fourth assembly, Cowdray Park Hillside Assembly. 2019 to date, pastoring at Magwegwe Fellowship. Overseer KR Kawonde is a Lecturer and a teacher of the word. Rev/Apostle Kawonde is a holder of a Diploma in Theology from LWTS and a BA in Theology, Vision Inter University.  

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