Midlands North Province covers the areas of Mhondoro Mubaira, Manyoni, Mhondoro Mamina having the boundary with Harare South. Mid –North province has boundaries with Midlands Central at Munyati River and with Gokwe province it demarcates along Sanyati River. It stretches from Selous along Harare –Bulawayo road to Munyati River. The province rural areas of Sanyati and Msengezi small scale farming areas and resettlements. Its headquarters is in Chegutu town at 105 George Avenue.

Currently Mid North Province has 29 assemblies namely

Provincial Overseer

Rev P Magejo

Rev Peter Magejo was born on the 20th of March 1965 and went to A.F. M Living Waters Theological Seminary from 1985-1987 and was ordained in 1990. He is married to Patricia Marava (Magejo) and survived with three children. In the year 2006 became the Overseer of Mid-North to today. In 2015 went back to Living Waters Theological Seminary for further studies and attained a Bachelor and a Masters degree.

I, Funny Nyaruwata, born on 08.06.1955 and received Christ as my Saviour in 1991. I married in 1976 and my wife passed away in 2007. I remarried in the same family in 2008. I am a father of seven (7) children (6 boys,1 girl).

I became an Elder in 1998 and became the Deputy Chairman for Ruwa A.F.M Assembly in 2004. In 2008, I moved to Midlands North Province where I was Elected as the Deputy Chairman of Mshumavale Assembly in 2013. Currently I am the Chairman of Mshumavalle Assembly and also of Mid north Province. For a living, I am running an exploration drilling and water boring in Zimbabwe and abroad. Also involved in mining and running a milling plant.

Michael Chingosho born on 05.11.1967, saved on 10.08.1984 and wedded to Fiona in 1996. A father of three (3) (2 girls and I boy). I became an Elder in 2000, Deputy Chairman in 2004 in Gokwe’s Miracle center and moved to Chegutu Town Assembly in 2006 where I continued in that position until 2018 when I became Assembly Secretary. In 2019, I was elected as Provincial Secretary.

 I am a holder of a Diploma in Agriculture, A BSC Agriculture (ZOU) Management degree and MSC in Crop Post Harvest Management and Technology (CUT). I am a Development practitioner and successful farmer.

`Deacon Muza married to Rufaro and has three children. Became a Deacon in 2007 and was elected as an Assembly Administrator in the same year until 2018.  I became Provincial Administrator in 2012 and Provincial Treasurer in 2019.  

I am a Holder of a Diploma in Business Administration of Management studies, Class one1 Journeyman, an Honors Degree in entrepreneurship of business Management and Master of Strategic Management.

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